Need assistance with Philosophy assignment

There are three parts to the assignment.

1) what is philosophical question that you think is particularly important to wonder about/explore with young people? Say enough about the question to explain why you find it compelling and give a bit of your own history so i can understand why you think this is an important inquiry fro kids to undertake.(say sth about what age group you’re referring to,too.) what have you ever read,viewed, done, or otherwise participated in the has given you some insights into this?

2)what do you take to be value of exploring this question in further detail with children? Waht are the potential dangers, if any? Why might someone think such question ought not to be explored? How would you respond to that person?

3) Finally, what changes in our current educational system do you think would facilitate philosophical inquiry in the classroom? what might you do personally, as a student, teacher, and/or parent to bring such changes about?

This assignment should be 2-3 pages, typed written, double spaced.