Multiculture Education walk project report

In this assignment, I have to choose a school and visit it and do some observation and interviews to see the multicultural and diversity in the school then write a report of different parts 

There are four parts to this assignment that are described in the rubric atattched. Please view the observation and the record of observation as a precursor to this assignment. outreach and action towards improvement is also required.

Your written assignment should be submitted in four parts.

Action Plan to address school policies and procedure

  I.  Introduction:

is introduction about the school in general like name setting, who, when, demographic, location, students, mission and vision…. etc. ( this can be found in the school website )

  II.  Observation from visit:

the observation of the representation and appreciation of diverse community groups and cultures. Along with the description of the observation, this section may also include a visual representation of diversity (I have some information, pictures, and interviews which I will provide you with them) for this part. this part has to be about the multicultural thing in that school)

  III.  Action Plan:

should address your collaboration plan with families and relevant community members. Who are the groups to consult? How can public agencies be of assistance? What background community research will you conduct to educate you on the diversity of the larger community? How will you then respond to the community’s interests and needs? (your action Plan)

IV.  Resources:

This section is all about the use of resources. How would you best manage and utilize the resources that are available or that you may be able to obtain in order to enrich your learning environment with the goal of the representation of various cultures?

Here is the Rubric and assignment sheet:



Rubric 1.jpg

Rubric 2.jpg

Rubric 3.jpg

here is my observation from the visit :

MLWP observation.docx

the report shouldn’t include all of the pictures , just some useful ones.

I still have the interview but it is not nessesarry.