Message Strategies: Informational Reports [LO-5] Assume that

 Message Strategies: Informational Reports [LO-5] Assume that your college president has received many student complaints about campus parking problems. You are appointed to chair a student committee organized to investigate the problems and recommend solutions. Th e president gives you a fi le labeled “Parking: Complaints from Students,” and you jot down the essence of the complaints as you inspect the contents. Your notes look like this:
• Inadequate student spaces at critical hour
• Poor night lighting near the computer center
• Inadequate attempt
• Motorcycles taking up full spaces
• Discourteous security offi cers
• Spaces (usually empty) reserved for college officials
 • Relatively high parking fees
• Full fees charged to night students even though they use the lots only during low demand periods
• Vandalism to cars and a sense of personal danger
• Inadequate total space
• Harassment of students parking on the street in front of neighboring house Now prepare an outline for an informational report to be submitted to committee members. Use a topical organization for your report that categorizes this information.