Mental Measures for Juvenile Offenders , psychology homework help

Mental Measures for Juvenile Offenders   


For the assignment, create a 9–12-slide PowerPoint presentation for a group of trainee mental health professionals and legal representatives. In your presentation, explain three different measures that might be used to determine an appropriate diagnosis for a juvenile offender. The possible diagnoses are:

·  ADHD.

·  Oppositional defiance.

·  Conduct disorder.

You may see overlap in the measures you examine but be sure your rationale addresses why a particular measure supports your choice for the specific disorder.

·  Access the DSM-5 and find the criteria for each one of the disorders.

·  Access the MMY and find a measure that you would use for each of the disorders.

·  Include the following for each measure in your presentation:

·  A brief description of the disorder (based on DSM-5 but in your own words).

·  A description of the measure (based on the MMY but in your own words). Include primary audience, purpose, how the measure is administered, what it measures, and what its strengths and limitations are.

·  A rationale for your choice.

Be sure to use one slide to succinctly deliver each of the three main points. Put your notes or explanatory and expanded information for each of the main points using one of the following options:

·  On the following slide. (Do not use the Notes section.) Important: These slides do not count toward the required 9–12 slides.

·  In a separate Word document. Label each set of notes in the Word document with the number and title of the slide to which the notes refer. Important: Be sure to submit this document also to the assignment area.