Mastering Biology Pearson 11 ch. of HW + 2 exams on Canvas

hello! I am in need of help with my online biology class on Pearson and just 2 test on canvas after. Passwords will be provided. My new internship is running up schedule so I have no time, but now I have more $$. If work is done well I will ask to continue working further as I have a bit more on canvas after and of course will tip well
-I have attached pictures of the pearson assignments page so you can see theres just 11 chapters
-Canvas will have each chapter lectures in the MODULE section that go WITH the pearson homework
-Pearson account is linked in Canvas too
-don’t do the discussions or scenarios on canvas JUST the homework on pearson and exam 1 and exam 2 on canvas
-further work with tutor can be discussed after this
– also the reason why its just 14 days for all of this is because its a temporary access code with pearson, id rather pay someone that money i would on the entire homework