Lifeskill Activities for Special Children

REQUIRED TEXT Lifeskill Activities for Special Children 2ndEdition


ISBN13: 9780470259375

ISBN10:047025937X Format: Paperback Pub. Date: 9/15/2009

Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass

How to do things is the essence of the Lifeskills book.  This week it’s basic information.  Sounds pretty simple right?  Every played the telephone game?  You whisper a sentence or two into one person’s ear, they relay it to the next, and down the line until it gets to the end.  The last person then says what they heard out loud..  99% of the time it is laughingly different from the original statement. 

Want to see a similar version of this? Give a child some basic information and then ask them to relay it back to you a while later.  Or, ask a child for some basic information that you’d think they’d know.. . When I was in kindergarten we had to memorize our phone number and address.. when we memorized our phone number we got to color a paper phone and take it home, when we memorized our address we’d color a paper house and take it home. 

How have you seen kids with basic information?  What has worked? What hasn’t worked?

this week we also cover aspects of $…  teaching kids the value of money and how to use it correctly (never loan unless you can afford to give it away – for instance).  How have you seen this week’s stuff work?  what doesn’t work?