Lifeskill Activities for Special Children 2ndEdition

This week is a continuation of the Answers book outlining the principles of reinforcement.  In this book positive reinforcement is called ‘application method’ (after all positive reinforcement simply means applying something); negative reinforcement is called removal method.  Situational planning is the other one where situations are set up so success is most possible…  this can include modeling, observation, and just plain manipulation of an environment so children will more likely do what we want…  there’s real power in all of these and I’ve got personal stories to go along with them.  hopefully you do too…  that’s for discussion though. 

The Answer’s book readings are in Ch3, the to do items are in the Outlines for Actions ch7 below.  The Outlines for Action are where these principles come to life.  A bit tedious maybe but by doing them it sinks home how to put these into practice quickly and with the right pieces.   complete those and turn them in here. 

Ch3_Motivational_forces_to_work.pdf[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>

Ch3.doc[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>

Do Ch 4 below as per instructions on the pages. 


Ch4.doc[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>

Ch5__6_ways_to_handle_misbehavior.doc[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>

Ch5__6_ways_to_handle_misbehavior.pdf[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>

88 explanation.pdf[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>  Outlines for action explanation

Form A Do want can but wont.pdf[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>

Form B do but doesnt know how.pdf[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>

Ch7_Outlines_for_Actions new.docx[img src=”” alt=”View in a new window”>

this is the best file that can be created from the scanned image.  to fill in missing spots please view the PDF file below. 

Ch7_Outlines_for_Actions.pdf[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>