Laying the Foundation for a Personal Model of Therapy, psychology homework help

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I am hoping you take this assignment as well since you have been the one I have stayed with and are familiar with what is going on here. Thank you for being consistent!

Laying the Foundation for a Personal Model of Therapy



In this final Section of the course, you will engage in efforts designed to assist you in refining your personal model of therapy.  You will select one of the Classic Models and study it in greater depth, analyze and critique it and then apply it to a “case.”  Completion of the assignments in this section of the course will prepare you, after studying the Postmodern Models of MFT in the next course, to determine your personal model of therapy. You will NOT develop your own model, but will select, from the Classic and Postmodern models, one that fits you.  You will then focus many of the future course assignments around your personal model.

The Signature Assignment (Activity in Week 11) will be used to measure Student Learning Outcome #3 from the list below.

1. Employ competence in working with diverse populations in clinical settings. 

2. Apply family systems oriented clinical skills across a variety of contexts.

3. Contrast family systems theory oriented models of therapy.

4. Formulate a decision-making process for ethical dilemmas congruent with the AAMFT Code of Ethics.

Creating an Outline of a Selected Classic Model

The focus of your efforts this week will be on creating an outline of a Classic Model of MFT and doing some foundational research into the selected model.  Please select one of the Classic Models and read in-depth the information about that model in the text materials.  Then you will do  additional research in the NCU Library or other places (index in text, Google Scholar, etc.) where scholarly information can be found.  You will be creating an outline of the model you select that will be used for the foundation of the signature assignment due next week.  In addition, when selecting one to focus on, please consider which of the Classic Models might be the one you choose as your personal model of therapy.  In MFT5105, you will be writing about your personal model of therapy, which will be founded upon one of the Classic or Postmodern (learned about in MFT5105) Models of MFT.

Instructions regarding AATBS materials, the readings listed below will be found in the following volumes:

  • California Exam Volume II – Treatment Planning and Treatment (focus on the information about this model)
  • National Exam Book – Treatment (focus on the information about this theory)

Be sure to carefully review this week’s resources. You will be expected to apply the information from these resources when you prepare your assignments.

Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences (AATBS) materials

Review materials related to your selected model

Gehart, D. R. (2014) Mastering competencies in family therapy

Review the information in Chapters 4-8 about the selected model

Reference Instruction
Academic vs. Popular Articles Resource. (nd). Northcentral University Library.

Read Article

Reference Instruction

Research Process for the Northcentral Learner. Northcentral University Library.

Use as a reference

Reference Instruction

PowerPoint – Chapter 4 Systemic Therapy MCFT
Chapter 4 Systemic Therapy MCFT.pptx

Review PowerPoint

PowerPoint – Chapter 5 Structural Therapy MCFT
Chapter 5 Structural Therapy MCFT.pptx

Review PowerPoint

PowerPoint – Chapter 6 Experiential MCFT
Chapter 6 Experiential MCFT.pptx

Review PowerPoint

PowerPoint – Chapter 7 intergenerational therapy MCFT
Chapter 7 intergenerational therapy MCFT.pptx

Review PowerPoint

PowerPoint – Chapter 8 CBT MCFT
Chapter 8 CBT MCFT.pptx

Review PowerPoint

**** Let me known if you need any of these resources. I will check in later after a funeral I am attending. It is some of our children’s step-grandfather! It happened sudden as he was in an accident. But I will check later today.

This assignment is designed to assist you in preparing for the signature assignment due next week. 

The outline should be a complete outline for your signature assignment. To prepare this outline, you will need to carefully review the instructions for assignment 11. These tools are included here simply to provide you with ideas about constructing an outline, not to indicate how to “do it right.”  You determine what is to be included based on your review of the Gehart (2014) text and AATBS materials, in addition to any other materials you find in your search.  In addition to what you determine needs to be included, please include information regarding the diversity considerations related to the model.

Some foundational tools that can be used, if needed (these were included in MFT5101 as well), to understand how to find information include:

Northcentral Library Information Literacy Tutorial
Northcentral Library Search like an Expert
Northcentral Library Finding a Research Topic

To complete your outline, select at least three articles that address the Classic Model upon which you chose to focus. Please choose among the following models:

  • Structural (Minuchin)
  • Strategic  (MRI, Jay Haley & Cloé Madanes, Milan*)
  • Bowen
  • Experiential (Satir*, Symbolic-Experiential (Whitaker), EFT* (Susan Johnson), Internal Family Therapy* (Schwartz))
  • Contextual (Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy)
  • Psychoanalytic (Object relational* (Scharff & Scharff))
  • CBFT (Behavioral (Falloon*); CBFT* (Epstein, Dattilio, Gottman) 

* Please use at least one supplemental resource in the corresponding weeks when addressing this model in the signature assignment case presentation.

Places to search include:

  1. The Gehart (2014) text (remember that you must find the original source of anything listed as sources in the text)
  2. the Northcentral Library databases (e.g., EBSCO Host, SAGE Knowledge, E-brary, etc. – remember those that you tried in MFT5101)
  3. Google Scholar or another Internet search engine
  4. or any other search method that you choose

The articles should be from peer-reviewed journals and published within the past 10 years. Choose articles that, taken together, will assist you in writing the paper you are outlining this week and that is due next week.

Your outline should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards (please include the references of the three chosen articles in the APA format).

Length: 3-4 pages

Upload your assignment using the Upload Assignment button.

Learning Outcomes

1.0   Articulate the primary concepts of the classic and intergenerational models of Marriage and Family Therapy.

2.0   Synthesize specific concepts of the key classic and intergenerational models of therapy.

3.0   Critique classic and intergenerational models of therapy in the professional literature.

4.0   Evaluate the degree to which classic and intergenerational models of family therapy address issues of diversity including, age, culture, spirituality, race, gender, and socioeconomic status.