Is David Lewis a Functionalist?

Is David Lewis a Functionalist?

Argumentative Outline: You can either write up a paragraph explaining your thesis and how you are going to defend it or make a point from outline. Either way, what you thought you were going to do is likely to change as you fill in the details. This is fine. I just want to see clear evidence well in advance of the final due date for the paper that you are thinking about the project and in particular in its argumentative structure.

Length: 1500 – 3000

Some Suggestions:

– Papers should have a clear thesis and should be focused on arguing for this thesis. This said, there is a range of options when it comes to what kind of thesis you defend. An obvious option is to defend a position in some debate that we have discussed in class. Another option is treat the paper as more of a research project. In the case of the latter, it is still important to have a clear thesis and that the paper is focused on defending the thesis.

– Paper should have an obvious argumentative structure and should be written in simple clear and direct language.

– Paper are chance to argue a point in a way that potentially includes original ideas and arguments, but you should do this on a firm foundation of a clear understanding of some existing work on the relevant topic.

– An obvious trajectory for developing a paper is that something catches your attention in an assigned reading; you give the issue further thought in class; you do some additional reading, thining and talking to me and or your classmates; and then you work up your ideas into a short but polished paper. A slightly different strategy is to build on some debate or line of argument that already exists in the literature but that goes beyond what we have covered in class. This has the benefit of giving you a chance to show that you can do some independent research and reading.


Is Lewis a Functionalist?

The readings:

Lewis: Psychophysical and theoretical identification (1972)

Lewis: Mad pain and martian pain (1983)

Lewis: Reduction of mind (1994)