Introduction to anthropoplogy

Eleventh assignment “Introduction in your book, Civilization or Barbarism, by Cheikh Anta Diop.(civilization or barbarism :An authentic Anthropology”.

We will not meet as a class on Wednesday, Veterans Day, although Bowie State does hold classes this day. Please complete the following: Continuing with our focus on the two holocausts on American so when it comes to the African American (Black American) holocaust, respond to the following 1. Today, 2015, do you see anything that could be described as continuing genocide or lingering effects of genocide on African American people today? Be sure to identify any sources (reading, videos, etc) that can support your conclusions. 2. One of our previous assignments was about justice. Many say that “reparations” would be justice for African American slave descendants. Explain what this means (again, be sure to identify any sources used) and what your thinking is on this. EXTRA CREDIT: You can get extra credit by going to any Veterans Day event on campus or off campus. You might want to also express your ideas about African Americans serving in the military past or present. Submit your written work on Monday, November 16th