Intro to Sociology Assignment

This assignment is opinion based aka blog post. No works cited need. 1-2 paragraphs need! 

You’ve explored a lot of interesting topics this week.  I’d like you to wrap the week up by writing a blog entry in which you respond to either the website on the internment of Japanese Americans (in the Migration, Immigration folder above) or the “Tale of Two Families” website.  Share your personal reflections on what you learned from the site you decide to discuss.

Helpful Links:

please visit Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project (this link opens up into a new window).

Begin your exploration of this site by scrolling down and clicking on “Terminology and Glossary.” Read the discussion here about how the site chooses to use words about the internment and why they think word choice is so important.The issue of using euphemistic language to cover up who is harming another group is an issue relevant to all discussions of racial issues, so be sure you understand this point, and think about how it is related to how we discuss slavery, the genocide of Native Americans, and other race issues.

 You can stop reading when you get to the actual glossary (list of words with definitions), although you may want to return here later if you are reading something and you don’t understand a term used.

When you get to the glossary, click the “Densho Home” link on the left to return to the main page.Next, click “Causes of Incarceration” on the left.Read what appears on this page, titled “What does an American look like?” and then read about each of the four factors causing the incarceration.(Do so by clicking on them one by one either in the list on the left or in the buttons on the right.)

Finally, explore a bit more about the internment by reading more details about how it worked and by reading a personal story.Go to Densho’s “Sites of Shame” site.Here, start by reading the text on the right; this is the beginning of a brief history of the internment.Click “Read More” at the bottom and read the next piece of text; click “Continue” beneath that and the ensuing sections until you have read all the way through the last page (on our government’s apology for the internment.)

Next, click on “One Family’s Journey” along the top of the page.This will take you to one family’s story of their internment.Read the text in the box on the left, being sure to scroll down until you see the “Next Chapter” link.Read all seven chapters (they are brief, don’t worry).I’d also encourage you to watch the brief video clips that appear for each chapter (or, if you want to know the content but prefer not to use video, click the Transcript link under the video and you can read what the people say in the clip instead).