International theory question

you have to chose one of these question and answer it in one and half or two paper 

please follow these instructions:: 

a Write or type the essay on 8½ x 11 inch paper. b. Write your name on the back of essay. Do not write your name on the front of any page. c. Staple the pages together and bring them to the exam.

1. During the last half of the class we covered the following three different constructivist approaches to international relations theory: rule-based (or linguistic) constructivism, social constructivism, and norm-based constructivism. Write a short essay that discusses these three approaches and specifically addresses the following issues: a. Describe each of the three approaches and note the similarities and differences between the three approaches b. Describe the ontology of each approach and its methodology. c. Discuss how each approach handles the “agent-structure problem” 

2. International society is a key concept associated with the English School of international relations theory. Write an essay that describes the English School’s approach to international relations and that addresses the following specific issues: a. How is the English School’s concept of international society similar to or different from neoliberalism’s regime theory? b. Why do some analysts say that the ideas embedded in the English School were precursors to the ideas that later emerged in constructivist theory? c. How was Hedley Bull’s description of anarchy and the domestic analogy co-opted by the structural realists? 

3 We spent a fair amount of time since the midterm exam talking about classical liberalism and neoliberalism. Write a short essay that discusses each of the following points: A Explain the similarities and differences between classical liberalism and neoliberalism. B Describe Hegemonic Stability Theory and Regime Theory as neoliberal theories and explain how they address the anarchy problematique.