Impressionism and the Advent of Photography

Consider some of the prominent features of the art style of Impressionism. Next, consider how the invention of photography changed the focus for artists during this time period. Consider the subjects of portraits through the different cultural eras that you have studied.

THEN, Use the following questions to guide discussion question:

  • How did the early 20th century invention of photography change traditional forms of art such as painting, sculpture, portraiture, etc.?
  • With the advent of photography, does the value of the painted image change?
  • What is one example of the style called “realism” in painting and how did this work of art connect events during this time period.
  • Why is Manet’s work considered avant-garde? Provide one example of his work to describe.
  • Is “propaganda” an appropriate term to apply to Gardner’s and O’Sullivan’s photographs of war? Explain how photography changed how we document history.