impact on the industry, film homework help

-Turn in a hard copy of your sources (MLA style) after yourpresentation.

Presentation Guidelines:-This is an informative speech/presentation

-Research a film, a film director, a genre, or a subject that fits in with what wehave been discussing in class. Prepare and deliver a presentation on the subjectfocusing on qualities of your choosing (style, contribution, director, movementassociation, impact on the industry, etc.).

-The subject must come from the material covered in the second half of thesemester. Anything after the mid-term exam is fair game.

-Time limit of presentation is between 10-12 minutes.

-Anywhere from 10-12 minutes is acceptable and will not result in point deductions.-Clips used to demonstrate your main points must total no longer than three (3)minutes.

-Turn in your sources after your presentation.

-Cite the films you reference, websites, and other sources used as evidence to back up your claims.-Please use MLA style citation.-Here is a link to a Modern Language Association web page:…

-Here are some suggestions to consider that may help the development of your presentation:

-How is this film or director significant?

-What impact did this film or director have on the development ofthe film industry?-How did their work contribute to the moving image, sound and/orfilm as an art form?-Why did the director choose to shoot or edit the film this particular way?-How does this film relate to what we have been discussing in class?-How does this film compare (compare/contrast) to another film by thesame director, or to other films of the same era?


I strongly recommend:

-Choose a subject you enjoy researching.-Rehearse your presentation.

-Time yourself to make sure you are within the specified time limit.

-Practice out loud, in front of friends and/or in front of a mirror (recordingyourself is a great way to sharpen your speaking skills)-Get into the location where you will be delivering your presentation atleast a few days beforehand to get familiar with the technology you will beusing.-HINT: In Dallavis 800, I always use the computer as the DVDplayer because the pause function on the DVD player stops the


-I will be available to help you prepare in any way I can.-Have FUN with this assignment!