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Go to the following website (https://www.simplypsychology.org/SRRS.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). You don’t need to read the whole thing, but go down until you see the scale that lists stressors and their point values. Go through this list and add up the stressors in your life. For this assignment, DO NOT tell me all the different stressors, all I want to know is the overall number.
Decide and write down which of the three categories you fall into:

Category 1: If a person has less than 150 life change units they have a 30% chance of suffering from stress.
Category 2: 150 to 299 life change units equates to a 50% chance of suffering from stress.
Category 3: Over 300 life change units means a person has an 80% chance of developing a stress related illness.

Write down your reaction to seeing this scale and your score. Call this response “Response 1” and it should be about 150 words. What was surprising, if anything? Did you expect the number to be higher or lower? These are guiding questions to help you write this section but feel free to respond using your own guidance.
The textbook mentions 5 Stress Reduction techniques, which are deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, meditation, and physical activity. Explore the internet and find some sort of online resource that helps you understand or try out one of these five techniques. You must actually try the technique yourselfI and you will need to provide a link to this resource. For instance, you may be curious about deep breathing, so you find a 5 minute YouTube video that walks you through a deep breathing session. You may be curious about how physical activity and stress are related, so you may find a research article or interview with a professional discussing this topic (and then you exercise keeping this in mind). Etc.
Lastly, write down your reaction to the stress reduction technique you tried out and researched. Call this response “Response 2” and it should be about 150 words. Do you feel less stressed or more stressed now? What did you find surprising or what did you learn through this process? What would have made the technique work better for you? These are just guiding questions, but feel free to respond in your own way
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