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Ideas About Art and Poetry:New Waves

For your main response (in two parts), 1. After reading the selections in Chapter Eight, post a response to the ideas that emerge about the nature and importance of change and the passage from one wave or form to another—whether in music or poetry or both. How do the various authors, thinkers, and artists represented in the chapter approach the battle for the soul of poetry or hip-hop or both?   Be sure to quote from at least one source in the book.

2. View at least 3 (plus Jay-Z’s commentary) of the following videos and comment on the wave of change from poetry to rap to hip hop. How are they interrelated? (150-200 words required. Scroll down to see how to cite a You Tube video in APA format or click here.)

For your peer response (please post it on a different day), respond to a peer’s main post. (100-150 words required)