I need help with LEED-rising concerns

I need two  page talks about the LEED program rising concerns

this is an example which about Zero Energy Buildings

The reason why I choose to do my artificial on this topic is because it kind of fits with my over all project as well as sustainable design. In the article it talks about how we as designers are try to push for Zero Energy buildings but this rises so concern.  The main questions are, Is this even possible? Even though we have energy convertible buildings, is it even close to almost making our buildings Zero Energy? These are all great questions but also very true.



another example for LEED 

The first article is an example of rising public concern about the implementation of LEED certification. The article shares information on how several hundred municipalities have written LEED into their codes for regulatory or tax-credit purposes and the outcome, which is not all positive, for taxpayers.

The second article is on architect, Frank Gehry’s view on LEED certification.