I do believe that it’s important for us to vote on what we think is right for our country, Soc100 Week 7 Discussion Response

Please agree, disagree, add to this response post in 5 sentences or more. 

I’m not particularly big or opinionated when it comes to politics, but I do believe that it’s important for us to vote on what we think is right for our country. Democracy is certainly a beautiful thing. Our vote counts! I found it very interesting reading through the statistics on the U.S census bureau website. In 2008 when President Obama was elected, this was a historic turn out at the voting poll. 22.8 Million voters between the ages of 18-34 came out to vote in 2008. in 2004 there were only 17.4 million between the age of 18-34. President Obama had a plan to change America from where we were. He wanted to focus on the economy and what he can do for the American people. Health care was another big discussion that came up in the 2008 election. Voters of all race and different backgrounds came out in record numbers to show their support for their presidential candidate. With Obama talking about his health care plans (Obama care) he attracted more younger voters. With Obama being African-American and having aMuslim background got a lot of votes alone. Being Christian and sharing his views and morals allowed Obama to show how he would be on everyone’s side as well. We are talking about the first African-American President. This was huge! People that never voted before were registering to vote to be part of history.