(Reference only DO NOT RESPOND):Identify some people you consider real or personal heroes. What characteristics do your contemporary heroes share with their mythical counterparts? How do they differ, if at all? Please include one specific comparison between a contemporary hero and a traditional mythical hero

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A person that I consider a personal hero would be my father Reginald. My father is a hero to because of his courage to join the military after high school disobeying his parents’ wishes to go to college. His reasoning in going to the military was to defend his country. Not a lot of people are brave enough to join the military. After his completion with the military he was determined to go back to his hometown and apply to be a police officer. The town he grew up in lacked diversity in the police department and he wanted to be the one of the first to add to it. This was a must for him because he wanted to help his community.

I would compare my father with the mythical hero Odin from Norse. Odin was a hero that defeated the giant and his uncontrollable gang stars according to Leonard and McClure (2004). In our hometown there has been a wild spread of gang members that has been making trouble in our community throughout the years. Our town was once a safe place for people to live prior to this occurrence. My dad, along with other police officers is a part of the city’s gang unit to put a stop to gang violence. I would say that both Odin and my dad have brave characteristics because of their ways to defeat unruly people. I believe that the main comparison between a contemporary and mythical hero is their heroic activity and characteristics.


Leonard, S., & McClure, M. (2004). Myth & knowing: An introduction to world Mythology. New York: McGraw-Hill