Reference only (Original Question, DO NOT REPLY — SEE BELOW):Which of these myths appeals to you most? Provide a brief synopsis of the myth, and explain why. What do you think accounts for its timeless appeal? Which contemporary stories share similar themes or mythological origins?

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Of all the myths the myth that appealed to me the most was the one of Beowulf. In brief the story tells about the great hall which was commanded to be built by Hrothgar the King and explains about the Grendel the evil one which would hide in the marshlands. And due to the great hall and celebrations, Grendel would get upset so he kills the guards. Beowulf becomes aware of the what’s going on and offers to help. Eventually they confront each other, Beowulf rips Grendel’s arm and leaves wounded. When Grendel’s mother hears of what happened she fights Beowulf but is not hurt by her confrontation. After that he becomes king. As time passes Grendel’s mother steals a golden cup from the Dragon. The dragon becomes very upset begins to burn everything. Beowulf and his men fight the dragon and Beowulf dies. A contemporary movie is actually Beowulf the movie made in 2007.  I personally haven’t seen the movie but I liked reading this story had almost a Lord of the Rings kind of feeling to it both being Anglo-Saxon-esque.

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