Help with English composition

1. How are method sources MOST relevant to researchers?

  They provide readers with claims to dispute evidence.

  They provide readers with materials to accept basic premises as truthful.

  They offer readers a particular procedure or perspective to assess usefulness.

  They offer readers concrete data or examples to assess claims.

2. Which thesis sentence best addresses a counter-argument?

  Carbohydrates are not healthy for most people.

  Despite years dependence on calorie reduction to lose weight, medical intervention and personalized diet plans are more effective than a generic diet of strict caloric restrictions.

  I tried Weight Watchers in the 1990s but gained all of the weight back. Now I am on the South Beach Diet and I’ve already lost 15 pounds!

  Men have an easier time losing weight than women.

3. How are exhibit sources MOST relevant to researchers?

  They encourage readers to interpret evidence and think critically.

  They establish the undisputed facts of the topic.

  They make a convincing argument on one side of the debate.

  They display various works of art from different historical eras.

4. Which of the following does NOT describe the credibility of scholarly sources?

  the reasonableness of the researcher’s argument

   proof of credentialed and professional writing

  financial backing from a large corporation

  an indication of evidence and engagement with other researchers