help me 1 hour help me

help me 1 hour help me


  1. When writting a recipe, which step should be written last?

    boiling water

    setting the table

    gathering ingredients

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  1. All of the following describe the author’s purpose in “Thank You, M’am” except

    A person’s outward appearance doesn’t always match who they are or who they will be.

    To prove that crime doesn’t pay

    To illustrate that compassion can come from unexpected places

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  1. Which bestexplains the climaxof a story?

    The story’s point of highest action or its turning point

    An early event that signals that the action of a story is about to start

    The series of events in a story that builds interest or suspense

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  1. Which of the following best describes the mood of this passage from “Thank You, M’am”?

    Sweat popped out on the boy’s face and he began to struggle. Mrs. Jones stopped, jerked him
    around in front of her, put a half nelson about his neck, and continued to drag him up the street.
    When she got to her door, she dragged the boy inside, down a hall, and into a large kitchenette-
    furnished room at the rear of the house.


    calm and peaceful


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  1. Review the dialogue.

    “I have done things, too, which I would not tell you, son–neither tell God, if He didn’t already know. Everybody’s got something in common.”

    Which best describes Mrs. Jones based upon her speech?

    She is excitable and energetic.

    She is understanding and regretful.

    She is exhausted and frustrated.