Healthcare Services to Underserved Populations Where You

Read chapter 12. There are two parts to this post.
1a. Using the internet, phonebook, newspaper, etc., research and post what healthcare and shelter services to underserved populations there are in the town you live in including; primary healthcare, mental health, dental, vision, food, shelter, transportation, and job training. 
1b. Rate the overall availability of services on a 1-5 scale and why – ie., what services are good; what services are missing and any limitations to services by any of the organizations. 
Example: In my hometown, we have an excellent homeless shelter, but it’s Christian based. You must be married to stay there as a couple, and participate in the nightly worship service. So, not everyone qualifies or chooses to stay there.
When you respond to fellow students’ posts how do the services they posted measure up to the services you posted, postively or negatively?  Did they list unique services in their town, not offered in the town in which you live? Etc.