General Psychology Questions

1) Many psychologists have adopted an eclectic approach, including the findings of genetics, biochemistry, psychology, sociology, etc.
  Discuss the pros and cons of this. (8 points)
2) Discuss the pros and cons of the DSM. (2 points)
3)  Should we keep the DSM? Why or why not? (2 points)
4)  How can we improve upon the DSM? (2 points)
5)  What could we use or do instead? (2 points)
6) What kinds of events should qualify as traumatic? (4 points)

7) What kinds of symptoms should be viewed as indicators of PTSD? (4 points)

8) Discuss the reasons many experts are unhappy with current DSM definitions of PTSD. (4 points)

9) Is compulsive hoarding a subtype of OCD or a distinct disorder? Discuss both sides. (4 points)

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