FOR EDUCATORS ONLY Classroom Observation: Reflection

Fisrt Grade Classroom Observation: Field Experience Reflection


Spend time in at least one classroom that services ELLs. All observations must take place in a Title I setting. Let your mentors know that you are observing lesson planning and the implementation of SEI strategies. Throughout the field experience, observe, and interview your mentors.

Complete a 700-850-word field experience reflection for the classroom or classrooms that you observed highlighting the SEI strategies utilized and the accommodations the instructor made during instruction for the cultural differences of the learners. 

Additionally, Based on what you have learned, make recommendations on what you would do to make certain that students as well as their families from all cultural experiences and backgrounds would feel valued in the class and the school environment.

Originality and solid academic writing is expected.


Believe that you are the student going to observe a first grade classroom.