Explain the ruling of the court in no more than 1–2

Using the above case, prepare an analysis that responds to the following:Articulates the importance, context, purpose, and relevance of law in a business environment: Identify the parties who are before the court.Provide a brief background to the problem. Summarize the facts in no more than 2–3 paragraphs.Identify what is the specific disagreement between the parties.Explain the ruling of the court in no more than 1–2 paragraphs.Evaluates key judicial concepts that influence the decisions related to business: Was there a dissenting opinion? If so, explain why some of the judges or justices disagreed with the majority in the decision.Finally, do you agree with the court’s decision? Why or why not?3 pages total not including reference or cover page. no plagiarism please. http://caselaw.findlaw.com/la-court-of-appeal/1228114.html