explain the dilemma of destructive obedience, psychology homework help

please read and answer question one and two briefly

1. explain the dilemma of destructive obedience (reported Stanley Milgram)?

2. explain all factors that played a role in destructive obedience, such as (1) the shifting of responsibility to the authority figure (2) outward signs of authority that remind many people of the norm “obey those in authority” (3) a gradual escalation of the scope of the commands given (related to the foot-in-the-door-technique) and (4) the rapid pace with which such situations proceed.

No PLAGIARISM and APA style only. Please note: this is a assignment that has to go through TURNITIN. Use citation correctly by citing in paragraph quotes and words that are not of your own where needed. Provide a reference section and Use websites that I open can access.