Exercise 2 (p. 250) and Vocabulary Enrichment (p. 292-293), English homework help

Read Chapter 6

Exercise 2 (p. 250) and Vocabulary Enrichment (p. 292-293)

You’ve read chapter 6. Supporting details are the literary element that give a text depth. “They [supporting details] are the facts, descriptions, and reasons that convince the reader and make the material interesting.” If not for supporting details, literature would be bland and brief. An author will often give the reader major and minor details to bring a scene, character, or mood to life. 

Practice identifying major and minor details on page 250. 


1. What point is the author trying to make? 

2. Are the following details major or minor in their support of the author’s point?

Complete the example before beginning Exercise 2.  

Selection 1- Vocabulary Enrichment pages 292-293

Transitional Words

Supporting words are often marked by transitional or signal words and phrases. These signal words create movement, indicate levels of importance, and marks the development of ideas.

Complete Vocabulary Enrichment.