Evaluating The Political Insider Article , english assignment help

This’s the link to the article  http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/former-johns-hopkins-chief-of-psychiatry-destroys-caitlyn-jenner-must-read/#ixzz3lkFKYYtb

1.  Using the evaluation criteria discussed in class, identify four problems with the web article “Former Johns Hopkins Chief of Psychiatry DESTROYS ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner.”Why is this problem?  Be as specific as possible.

2.  Cite at least 4 examples from the text which illustrate the flaws that you see in the article.

1.  Using the logical fallacies discussed in class, identify one logical fallacy that you see in the web article.

2.  Using your own words, define the logical fallacy you’ve identified.

3.  How does this logical fallacy weaken the argument put forth in this article?

4.  Locate exactly where you see this fallacy taking place in the actual text.

You might wanna use some of these Fallacies Begging the question,slippy slope, hasty generalization circular argument, false dilemma , etc….