English 101 essay homework

The Remembering/Narrative Essay Guidelines

The Remembering (or also called the Narrative) mode is about using the writer’s richest resource: the memory.


Tell a story…it should be descriptive. 

It should be about 1 incident…a specific incident that changed your life. There should be a sequence of events that are obvious to the reader. 

The story should show the lesson that you learned and how you became a better or different person as a result of the incident.


  • 1-2 Pages (minimum 1 full page/maximum 3 full pages)
  • Clear Thesis (gives point of story)
  • Clear Intro (gives background information on story)
  • Solid Body (gives the story of ONE INCIDENT)
  • Strong Conclusion (explains lesson or shows significance of incident)

SHOW what happened (by using vivid details clear details clear examples, strong descriptions…PAINT A PICTURE FOR READERS.

*5 senses

*Metaphors and Similes

Use dialogue when needed to put readers in the action of the story. Note: Refer to the models in your text for examples. Notice how effectively the authors use dialogue.


  • Failure to read the models in the text BEFORE starting
  • Failure to have an introduction
  • Failure to have a real story w/sequence of events (e.g. you cannot tell a story about your 4 years of high school.) It is NOT AN INCIDENT.
  • Failure to show a lesson or importance of story on your life
  • Having Run-Ons/Comma Splices
  • Failure to Proofread