Employ a variety of rhetorical modes and strategies, assignment help

instructions are attached along with reference guides on how to create a research paper, etc.

2 Assignments:

1. Research Paper Proposal – Open the template and customize it accordingly.

2. The actual paper – See Research Paper Prompt Instructions

No plagiarism as everything is submitted through Turnitin. This for an Advanced Composition class. Grammar, structure, spelling, etc. is very important and must be at a collegiate level.

The research paper must: 

Land between 2000 and 2500 words

Employ a variety of rhetorical modes and strategies (rhetorical analysis, Toulmin, arguments of fact, definition, proposal, and more) to effectively structure the paper and direct the content to support the thesis

 Integrate 5-8 credible sources

 Avoid reliance on logical fallacies

 Utilize sound appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos

 Appropriately match style and content with audience and occasion  Include a works cited AND an annotated bibliography (see below)