Edu 675

1page journal 

Read the required article, “Asking the Right Questions” (Reason, C. & Reason, L., 2007).  Reflect on what you have learned about teacher leadership.  How can you implement change within an organization?  How do you manage this change outside of a designated leadership position?
PLEASE USE THIS ARTICLE  (Asking_the_Right_Questionsjournal.pdf )


1page assignement

Research three articles that focus on teacher/school leadership.  Answer the following reflective questions that will require you to think and respond critically.  one- -page paper, address the questions below, using specific examples from your professional experience and cite the three articles you found throughout the paper.

a.  What is a teacher leader?  How can you lead your organization through your individual capabilities?  What leadership principles would you draw on?

b.  What type of change will you implement in your organization or in a future organization?  How will your research on teacher/school leadership help you to do this?

c.  Discuss the implementation of change as a teacher or educational leader.  How is this different from managing change?