Edu 675

1.  Implementing ChangeAfter reading Chapters 6 & 7 of The Change Leader in Education: Roles and Strategies in the Differentiated Environment, describe a situation in your past experience where you implemented change or could have implemented change.  How could you use this chart to increase the effects of this change?  Was this change process a success?  Based on your readings, how could you have increased the likelihood of success in this situation?  Describe a situation that you have encountered where a supportive response may have increased your adaptability to change.

Managing Change
  2.Change can be difficult for some people.  Think about a change you would like to see in your educational or work environment.  How would you implement this change?  Consider and discuss the possible resistance that you may encounter from your professional community.  How would you support people throughout the change process?  How would you overcome any resistance to the change?