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  1. Define and describe what it means to be a twice-exceptional learner. Give three examples of possible diagnosis for those who are identified as twice-exceptional (e.g., a student having both ADD/HD and a specific learning disability). This should be approximately one page.

  2. Discuss some of the general challenges related to learning and school life that twice-exceptional students may experience that are otherwise atypical in those without exceptionalities. This should be approximately two pages.
  • Include general information on work ethic, strengths, academic, and social challenges.
  • How might those strengths and challenges be specific to the students in the examples you included in your description? 

Analyze what the research says about twice-exceptional learners. This should be two . Include the following points.

  • The relationship between their achievement and school funding (low socioeconomic vs. mid-high socioeconomic school environments).
  • Are twice exceptional students more or less likely to be successful on high-stakes tests? Why?
  • How might their high or low scores impact educational funding for their school?
  • Outcomes of high-stakes tests, factors that contribute to outcomes, and the impact of these factors on achievement.

Reflect upon what you gleaned from the research and/or from your own experience regarding the current levels of support for twice-exceptional learners. Discuss any efforts teachers can make to positively impact twice-exceptional learners as well as why it is important to do so.

this a total 5 papers 

below or the only material to absolutely no outside material.




the cite info for (01CH_Wardle_Multicultural.pdf) is below 

Wardle, F. (2013).Human Relationships and Learning in the Multicultural Environment. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.*