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Mrs. Battle is an 82 year old resident from a long-term care facility admitted with clostridium difficile. She is placed on isolation precautions. 

1. What type of isolation should Mrs. Battle be place?  What infection control interventions do all staff and visitors need to practice when providing direct care to Mrs. Battle?

Mrs. Battle should be placed in a private room that helps prevent the spreading of infections to others. However, it is  important for all staff and visitors to wash their hands as well as the use of gown and gloves when they entering the room and during patient care.

2- What is age-related pathophysiology increases the risk of infection in older adults? 

The factor that can contribute to increasing the risk of infections in older adult includes the following:

·  Impaired of the immune system.

·  Defect of skin and mucous membrane to protect the body against microbial invasion.

·  Decrees the level of PH in both the gastrointestinal genitourinary tracts

·  Age, sex, race, and hereditary

·  Malnutrition and general health status play a role to increase the susceptibility of the potential host.

Also, Unsafe sex practice and sharing intervene needles are potentially dangerous and providing an opportunity for pathogens to enter a host and cause an infection.

3- Mrs. Battle’s has been eating 20% of her meals. Which lab value supports Mrs. Battle’s poor dietary intake? 

Because Mrs. Battle’s, in high risk for dehydration, the good lab test that indicates her poor dietary is Prealbumin which indicates short-term nutritional status that can help to detect daily changes in her proteins status. 

What sensory factors should the nurse consider for an older adult on isolation precautions? What safety precautions should the nurse implement?

The nurse should be aware of sensory deprivation that is associated with decreasing of environmental stimuli. The nurse should maintain sufficient level of arousal that can prevent one of the leading sensory deprivation that can cause; such perceptual, cognitive, and emotional disturbance. The nurse should Provide reading material, use therapeutic touch, and provide a radio and television.

5- While assisting Mrs. Battle with morning care, the nurse notices her dentures in a cup at the bathroom sink. The nurse cannot find a toothbrush or denture cleaner. Why should the nurse be concerned about this situation? 

Because the bathroom sink act as a reservoir for the many of infectious agent, however, the dentures in a cup located in the bathroom that could  contaminated and subsequent transmit the pathogen to her patient and increase the risk of infections. so, the nurse was aware and concerned about her patient to clean the dentures before its replaced.