Document Interpretation 1: The Other & Folkways

  1. read and write about in your words. 
  2. Write out an original response for each document that addresses the questions posed below each document title.
  3. Montezuma’s Greeting to Hernan Cortes 

    • How does King Moctezuma react to the arrival of the Europeans? Does he show fear?
    • Does he act superior to them, or does he address them as equals, or does he subordinate himself to them?
    • How does he seem to explain the appearance of these strangers?
    • What ideas explain the behavior of the King?

     Remarks of Chief Powhatan to John Smith

    • What did Powhatan request from Smith?
    • What did he perceive to be the root of strained relations between the Algonquian and the English?
    • How did Powhatan describe the relationship between his people and the English?
    • Are these remarks by Powhatan different from, or consistent with, traditional views regarding the relationships between the Virginia colonists and the Native Americans?