DEBATE: Stricter Gun Control in the United States: For or Against?

The debate topic I have to write an argument on is “Stricter Gun Control in the United States: For or Against?” (get to 1000 words please, if you write more I can always cut later). I would like some fair perspective from both sides of the argument as I make my stance for one side and then destroy the counterargument.

I’m thinking of arguing against stricter laws but I also want to cover some perspective of the other side and prove with a mountain of strong points back by credible evident that my side is unquestionably best. I would also like some profound examples to be used that are recent. We know the people arguing for more gun laws will use the mass shootings recently in the last 5-10 years for their proof. We would need to use that proof as well but in our favor and why that really is not the issue.

The research, sources/references, and quotes should be extensive and credible.The narrative should be very concise. Make sure the intro and conclusion are even more profound than the body. Paint a vibrant picture that hits home. I am not an NRA hut just to point that out.

Example of the structure of paper I want. Do the in-text citations and reference list that exact same way please: Animal Testing FINAL.docx