Cultural conflict

Current Event Essay

Select a news article from a reputable news source (online, that covers national and/or international events.  A few exemplary sources could include the New York Times, the Washington Journal, the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and Time Magazine. 

1. Summarize the article/event in 500 words

2. Write your personal thoughts and reaction/response to it.

Some current conflicts today could range from something on an international scale, like war in the Middle-East, terrorism/nuclear weapons issues, sexual violence in Sierre Leone, political upheaval in Africa, or the debt crisis in Europe, to events on a national scale, like the teachers protest in Chicago, gender inequality in the workplace, sexual harassment—anything where there are conflicting opinions (abortion, immigration, same-sex marriage, the economy, healthcare, etc.).  Be sure to include a link of the news article to which are referring.