Critical Thinking #3

Managing Ancillary Utilization
Kongstvedt (2013) notes that the management of utilization is one of the most important aspects of controlling overall healthcare costs. Methods used vary from weak and mechanical to tightly managed.
Develop a policy and procedure for managing ancillary utilization in a managed care plan. Be specific regarding the type of ancillary service and explain how this policy and procedure will:

Maximize resources
Contain costs
Ensure that appropriate care is provided

Create a presentation for the administration outlining your proposed policy and procedure.
Your presentation should comprise 5 to 7 slides (not including the title or reference slides), and should adhere to APA Requirements. A minimum of four sources should be cited and referenced. Your slideshow presentation should also be accompanied by an audio track. Images used should include the source information in parenthesis below the image. (Example – Source: http: //
Kongstvedt, P.R. (2013). Essentials of managed health care (6th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.The post Critical Thinking #3 first appeared on Nursing School Essays.