Columbus State Community College Week 2 Epidemiology in

With this discussion board I will explain the concept of epidemiology in disease control and prevention, also I will apply the eco-social epidemiology paradigm to nursing diagnosis of: At risk for developing flu and/or pneumonia due failure to get vaccinated due to lack of knowledge on preventable and treatable conditions. Using the epidemiological triangle, which is made up of an agent, host and environment (Nies, 2019). The host is the population that is susceptible to catching condition, which includes both humans and animals, in particularly the young and elderly who are at higher risk of deaths caused by complications of condition.
Influenza is an infectious viral agent and pneumonia is an infectious bacterial agent. The environment for this discussion is any given public restaurant, grocery store, school or hospital. Working on a med/surg unit gives not only the nurse a risk of exposure but also the other patrons at a hospital. The possibilities are endless for areas of contamination where an exposed person may be present to share their germs or pass on condition to unsuspecting host. So often people avoid getting vaccinated due tomiseducation of myths about vaccinations and believe that they will be doing themselves harm or will get sick from receiving vaccine.
According to Duncan, nurses play a key role in educating the public and reducing the spread of infection, furthermore we are uniquely positioned to evaluate, treat and prevent outbreaks of both the flu and pneumonia (Duncan, 2016). In closing, our role as nurses is essential in speaking up about prevention and protection against both the flu and pneumonia. Increasing rates of compliance with receiving both vaccines if applicable starts with us as nurses in educating our patients of the importance of vaccinations and in communities.
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