City-Data, Soc 100 Week 9 Discussion help

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According to city-data, my town is growing.  I’m not surprised with these findings at all.  Tennessee has a large population of transplants.  I honestly have yet to find but maybe a handful of folks that have actually grown up here or lived here for more then 5 years.  The job market is so plentiful here that it’s bringing people to the state.  That’s the reason we moved here actually.  My husband’s job relocated us here in October of last year and since then we have met 5 other couples that have moved here from another state for another job. Due to the number of people relocating here, contractors can barely keep up with building the homes to accommodate these families.  We have so many surrounding areas that homes are going up quicker then you can imagine.  The existing homes being sold here have almost doubled in cost.  The home we purchased was only lived in 2 years and we paid almost $100,000.00 over what those owners paid for it originally.  Talk about profit!