Choose one topic about Ellie Comes to Town and write 200-250 words. Film homework help

Choose one topic and write 200-250 words.  Respond to two classmates.

1.What is your reaction to the interaction between Andy and Ellie (“Ellie Comes to Town”)? Does either character gain the upper hand in this relationship?

2.Andy, Opie, and Barney have to go through a great deal of trouble and pain to make both Aunt Bea and Clara Johnson happy (“The Pickle Story”). Is it worth it, according to the world and values of Mayberry?

3.Does Andy make a wise choice in the way that he deals with Luke Comstock (“High Noon in Mayberry”)? What might have gone wrong?

Include some background explaining why these shows were important to the decade in which they were created.  See your textbook.