Childcare class questions

 Think about a child that you know. The child should be 5 years old, or younger. First you will create a developmental profile on this child by describing the child based on all domains of development. These will include: physical, cognitive, and social/emotional. Be sure to address the following:

  • How the child is part of typical development
  • How the child is as an individual
  • How culture plays a role in this child’s development

After you have created a developmental profile of the child, identify two ways that you meet the developmental needs of this child. Be specific and give details about supporting this child.

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we will be thinking further about our teaching practices. Choose one of the five guidelines for effective teaching, and discuss how you will or do include this in the learning environment you set up for children. The guidelines are:

  1. Creating a caring community of learners
  2. Teaching to enhance development and learning
  3. Planning curriculum to achieve important goals
  4. Assessing children’s development and learning
  5. Establishing reciprocal relationships with families

should include a specific plan for addressing the guideline with at least two examples.

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