Childcare class question

Childcare class question

Competency Statement

As an educator, it’s extremely worthwhile to reflect upon your teaching methods. This sort of reflection often helps you to recognize teaching practices that are working well and those which might need improvement.

Reflection is so valuable that the CDA requires candidates to create six formal reflections about their own teaching practices as they relate to specific Competency Goals.

For this assignment, please review the Goal below and create your individual Reflective Statement of Competence.

Competency Goal/Standard V:
To ensure a well-run, purposeful program that is responsive to participant needs.

  1. Objectively observes and records information about children’s behaviors and learning.

Begin your Reflective Statement about this Competency Standard with a paragraph describing how your teaching practices meet this Standard.

If you are NOT currently in a child care setting or directly working with children, visualize and explain what you would do and how you would meet these standards if you were a teacher or caregiver.

Write at least one paragraph  that describes how you have used or would use the observation tool/form you included in the Resource Collection (RC-V). Why are observation and documentation important parts of program management? How would you ensure that you are accurately/objectively observing and tracking each child’s developmental and learning progress?

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