Childcare class paper

Family Support Plan

need 2 pages no copying

For this weeks assignment you will be creating your plan for working with families. This will include supporting families in all domains of development (think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs). This means making a plan to address a family’s basic physical needs, social emotional needs, and of course the cognitive needs of the child from the family in your classroom. Your paper should address the following items:

    1. Discuss how you will make families feel welcome into your center or program. What types of activities will you have that invites them into the learning environment? You should include at least three specific events or activities designed to include families and help them to know what is going on in the child’s school. Be sure to address how the activities address physical, social/emotional and cognitive development of the child and family.
    2. Discuss specific strategies for working with individual families. How will you work to build a relationship with individual families? You should include at least three strategies for supporting individual families. You will want to think in terms of really creating a relationship built on trust. For example maybe you identify family conferencing as a way to work with an individual family. Be sure that you describe what you will do in the conference to make it a safe place for families to share personal information with you. How will you set up the environment? What will you have done prior to the conference so that the family knows they can trust you?