Chemistry Project

My products are:Personal Hygiene: Colgate toothpasteHousehold Cleaning: LysolPROJECTMany of the day-to-day products we use for home maintenance, personal hygiene and health care are the result of tremendous investments of research time and money to create products that serve a useful and/or desirable purpose. There is a whole realm of chemistry called “industrial chemistry”, where professional and highly trained scientists apply the principles of chemistry to the development and refinement of consumer goods.In this project your assignment will be to investigate the chemistry of some common household products. We will limit our focus for this project to household cleaning products and personal hygiene products. Here is what you are responsible to do:1. Chooseonepersonal hygiene product that you use at home.2. Chooseonehousehold cleaning product that you use at home3.  Research the ingredients of each of your products.4. Choose anyonemajor ingredient fromeachproduct (total of 2 chemicals) to do the following:· Determine the chemical formula· Determine its use or purpose (what does it do, and how does it contribute to the performance of the product you are researching?)· Determine its chemical and physical properties.· Determine any hazards or cautions associated with the ingredient.· Create aPower Point presentationof your research.· Your presentation must include the following components:· An esthetically pleasing appearance· The title “Household Chemistry…” with creative sub-title.· Pictures of the products you researched· An introduction. This should be a written paragraph introducing the idea that chemistry is instrumental in the development and improvement of many of the products we use every day.