Bioremediation AssignmentKnowing that Superfund sites have been set aside for bioremediation.  You will need to look up the information for this assignment from more  than one website. Give a one-to-two page summary for the following:1. What are the risks posed by Superfund sites and climate change?2. Describe at least two Superfund sites located in South Florida, the  types of bioremediation action taking place and the risks they pose,  particularly in the face of sea-level rise.List of Superfund Sites in Florida | US EPA This page contains a list of superfund sites in Florida. US EPAMiami Dade County, FL Hazardous Waste Superfund Sites Find  environmental hazardous waste superfund sites in Miami Dade County, FL  at – Your trusted source for neighborhood information. Homefacts.comEnvironmental Considerations – Miami-Dade County The  Environmental Considerations GIS (ECG Tool) was built to help identify  what types of environmental geographic data may be found at specific  locations. When determining whether to buy or build on a property,  residents, visitors and business owners should consider what potential  environmental impacts, if any, there might be to the property. Miami-Dade County Online Services