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You are to send me an e mail or message on hangouts to let me know you can complete this tonight. payment made after work is completed. my e mail is soltele 115 at gmail dot com.I will pay through pay pal. See below…..Unit II Homework Assignment1. Perform an Internet search, and list at least five operating systems (OS), descriptions of the OS, and pros and cons of each one. Fill in the table below.Operating   SystemsDescriptionsProsCons1. List seven categories of software, and describe each one with no less than 75 words per category.Software   CategoriesDescription1. Demonstrate that you can manage files on your computer by looking at the files on your computer and locating at least five files or folders that should be renamed or relocated to improve the organization and make it easier to locate information on your computer. Take a screenshot of the “before” look of the files, and take a screenshot of “after” you make changes to your files. Copy and paste the screenshots into this template.4. Browse and search the Internet for public domain software. View the software’s requirements and then check your computer system. Will this software run on your system? Why, or why not?5. Download a free mobile app that has a practical use. Write an evaluation of the app. If you do not have the capability to download an app, choose an app, research it, and write an evaluation based on your research.