Part 1. Show your work for questions 1-51. Hanna needs to rent a car while on vacation. The rental charges $18.95, plus 19 cents for each mile driven. If Hanna only has $40 to spend on the car rental, what is the maximum number of miles she can drive? Round your answer down to the nearest whole mile.2. You need 1 ¼ cups of sugar to make 20 cookies. To make14 cookies, you will need how many cups of sugar.3. Katy invests $8000 at 9% simple interest for 9 year. How much is in the account at the end of the 9 years period?4. A board, 33 cm long is cut into three pieces such that the second piece is twice as long as the first and the third is 3 cm longer than the second. Find the length of the shorter piece.5. A cash register contains only five dollar and ten dollar bills. It contains as many five’s as ten’s and the total amount of money in the cash register is 700 dollars. How many ten’s are in the cash register?For all problems in Part 2 (6-10), show your work for each of the following steps:Step 1. Set up a variable dictionary.Step 2. Set up an equation.Step 3. Solve the equation.Step 4. Answer the question with a sentence.Step 5. Look back.6. The width and length of a rectangle are consecutive even integers. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 132 inches, use the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle to find the width and length of the rectangle.7. Constance inherits $35,000 and decides to invest in two different types of accounts, a money market account paying 3.75% interest, and a savings account paying 0.5% interest. She decides to invest $8000 more in the money market account than in the savings account. Find the amount invested in the money market account.8. Naomi collected coins for a month and finds she has $4.70 (470 cents), all in dimes and quarters. There are 2 less dimes than quarters. How many dimes and quarters does Naomi have?9. Carl earns a commission on all sales he makes. He sells a dining table for $699 and earns a commission of $100. Find the percent commission, rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent.10. Suppose that $7250 is invested at 2.3% simple interest per year. Use the simple interest formula to find the balance after 6 years?