Answer each of the following questions in your own words. Do not copy and paste or retype the questions themselves into your document, as this will cause unreliable results at Simply provide the answers.Now consider the following:Vivian purchased the newest version of a smartphone for $504.99 through a nationwide product distributor. Before making the purchase, she found an electronic coupon that allowed her to take 15% off of the purchase price. At the time of online “check-out” she redeemed her coupon. Following this redemption, a 4% shipping charge was added to the final cost.Vivian wondered: “What if the online company had charged shipping first, and then allowed me to redeem my coupon? Since the 15% coupon would be applied to a higher cost, wouldn’t I pay less?”First guess. Do you think Vivian is correct? Why?Then, calculate. Now how would you respond to Vivian’s question? Support your answer with a detailed mathematical explanation.How do these results compare with the problem you solved in the discussion activity? Explain.